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BREAKING: JUSTICE FOR JORDAN DAVIS: Michael Dunn Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Killing Jordan Davis, Plus 105 Years To Be Served Consecutively For 3 Attempted Murder Charges & Weapons Charge



Michael Dunn was sentenced to life in prison without parole Friday morning for killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis in November 2012. Dunn, who murdered Davis over a dispute about loud “thug music” coming from a car the teen was sitting in, issued a halfhearted non-apology to Davis’ family before the sentencing.

"I want the Davis family to know I truly regret what happened. I’m sorry for their loss," Dunn said during his 25-second long statement. "If I could roll back time and do things differently, I would."

"I was in fear for my life and I did what I thought I had to do," he added. "Still, I am mortified I took a life, whether it was justified or not."

Judge Russell Healey obviously disagreed. “Our justice system works,” he said at the sentencing. “This case demonstrates that our justice system does work.”

Source: Taylor Berman for Gawker

"This case demonstrates that our system does work."

Don’t get ahead of yourself Mr Judge; even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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